When “Another” falls away.

illustrasjon_den-andre-siden_p3_4-970x545Recently this happened. Sitting, questioning, listening to the responses inside. Like this.

- Oh Lord!

“No Another” is just a way of saying there is No ME!


Racing Heartbeats.

Leaning into this, this breathing. This body. This sensation.

What arises is fear of extinction, fear of death.

Is there No Way Out of this?

Breathing… feeling,

The Yogini way; Waiting for an impulse.



Deep sadness comes… heart ache

Why? Because I hold on to my self as an entity.

Oh, I did not know it was this painful to stay “in me”, holding on to a ‘me’!

It really hurts!

Then suddenly mistrust arises.

Disbelief saying; “Sure baby, sure sounds great with being in the heart and all that, Being One, being the Openness itself, but do you really believe in all this? That this is the Truth and that you’re actually able to live this? “

‘Able to live this’… ouch…

Sigh…a guardian of the gate visiting.


This guardian sure knows it’s way with me.

It will not have me entering that easy…




Breathe… breathe… waiting… for…

A moment of clarity,


“Hey! When this is All ME, All of it, why fear death?

Then I’m death also” … !

Surprise! This you did not think of, huh?

Oh, What a relief!

– tricking the trickster! –

Laughter and a smiling face.

It’s perhaps not so dangerous after all this “No ME”- thing?

Perhaps there is a joyful, easy way into It All ?


A soft, gentle, no pushing way?

Waiting again… ‘the yogini way’

A ‘no-fear-way’ opens, it feels like green pastures.



Wow… can it really be like this?

Yes, it seems so.

New surprise,

– me like!









2 thoughts on “When “Another” falls away.

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