The world of Separation…

and of facebook.

As I often do, I open my computer in the morning, scroll down, glancing at the latest news in my feed.

Today this happened that made me ponder over what’s going on in the world for a while.  I got quite upset, in fact, left with a lots of questions.

First I got shocked.

I saw a posting about the deadly risk of being born as an innocent girl in the eastern world. No, this is not a joke! I was told that The UN estimates that as much as 200 MILLION girls are missing in the world, simply because they are girls! They are being aborted, born and killed, or abandoned. It sounds like a horror movie. It is. But it is going on in real time. Now. Not in dreamtime. Why are we closing our eyes? For how long will we comfort our selves, hiding from the violence that takes place, the crushing of heart after heart, the creating of misery upon misery out of old fashion beliefs and worn out doctrines? How many more are to be killed and molested just for BEING A GIRL?

Have a look your self. Here’s a link to the trailer “It’s a girl”

Well, as facebook works, I rather quickly scroll down to see what else is there today. Not forgetting the movie. And then, I’m getting a real good laugh! – as I opened a Wits talk given from a mother upon the topic of sex education. I hear a true story, told from her life where her young daughter asks some very intimate questions, and her reactions to this.

You can watch it here if you like:

I guess by now you see what I’m heading at.

The differences between “this world” and “that world”.

Huh ? We are but one world, right?

Watching this I’m not so sure.

It’s more like we’re all inside one brain, with a left and a right hemisphere.  But where is that bridge? And how come there is such a HUGE gap between the two hemispheres?

The more I think about it, the more I see that picturing this as a brain must be quite accurate, actually.  This awful, horrific practice cannot be actions of the heart. I refuse to believe that.  It has to be a creation of mind, of separation, discrimination, of poverty and of fear.

And the other side of the brain, people close their eyes and go on living in their dreamtime bubble, “as long as I’m Ok, everything is Ok”, driving our fancy cars, eating swell and sending our kids to school, telling our daughters how to become princesses in the world, dressing them up, u-tubing them… do I have to say any more about the difference?

What’s really going on here?

We are so narrow in our ways in life. We hardly look over the fence. We do not want to see the split so we gaze into our own little world pretending it’s all just fine…..?

Every child has the birthright to love!

Every child has the birthright to be honoured as a human being.

Not everyone can offer their children the richness of money, and unfortunately not even the richness of heart.

I have no answers to what to do or how to do, or how to close this gap. I only know that I’m not Ok with this. It is painful to look at, but I do not want to close my eyes to this.  If it is painful to look at, how must it then be to live this horror show?

And who am I if I walk away and forget, closing my heart and mind….

There is a voice telling me that as a mother and a woman in the world this is also my obligation to help & to heal.

But how?

Being pondering this through the day, I find that right away I cannot do so very much.

And while I write, I came across this article too. Not happy reading.

My 9 year old son asked me one day if we pleeeaase could make an “adoption” of a child in need somewhere in the world. We talked, and he said; “you know mom, I want to get very rich, and then I will use the money to build schools for those who have none.”

I think I know what kind of “adoption” we’re heading for now. Thank you Son, for your loving and caring heart. 

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