Note to Ego- Mind


Monday, and I’m back home after an intense weekend diving into the questions of who I am in Truth and who I’m not.

Pew. This churning ego-mind is literally exhausted.  It had some hard days work trying to hold on to all that is known and familiar, safe and restricting.

Is it foolish to say I kind of feel sorry for this ego-mind? Perhaps. Well, then I’m a fool. But honestly. Poor thing, having such a hard time. Not only with me in this weekend, but in general. Think of it. What is the mind’s ways? Isn’t it to hold on? In fear of loosing the grip. In fear of death, madness, or overwhelming feelings. Creating structures to cope with it all. Trying to understand it all, while grasping onto the me-sense. Holding onto the notion of a separate self, for all it’s worth, and by that limiting it self and life. Holding onto old stories, to belief systems, to images of truth, and at the same time trying to convince me, and every one else, that this is the one and only and right way. It’s holding onto all of it, to the skin of it’s teeth! Falling and rising. Churning, churning, holding and holding. To keep up the world as it knows it. A heavy load indeed.

Pew! Poor thing.

But anyhow;

Perhaps a note to this ego- mind is appropriate, because it has this tendency to arise and continue the struggle over and over again, to keep on churning.

So here it is. A note to ego -mind:

Dear ego-mind.

She will no longer serve you all that energy you crave for to exist. She no longer wants to attain your games of hide and seek. She will not push you away, because you will transform that energy to food for your self sustain. But she will not forget about you either. And she certainly will keep a close eye on your action. She will sit down and look at you from a perspective of Truth, and invite you to rest. And in the end who knows; perhaps you will like it?

With regards,

The Greater Mind, also called Truth Within or Goddess.


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