it´s all in my mind.. .. ..

This is not a great story. It is just a glimpse into the everyday life-kind of – patterns. For weeks I have been painting walls and ceilings, redecorating, creating our home and our studio rooms. Soon it will come to an end. Its done. For now. In not very long I will not have to paint any more, not for a while, at least. Then it creeps on to me, this scared voice saying;

” Oh, my god, very soon it will be for real ! You will have to go out there and show them that you´re here for real. That you are here also to start a new business.  No more hiding behind the piles of brushes and paint!”

“Mayday, Mayday! ”

– Eeek ! –  the internal fire alarm turns on. Stress is on its way.

The next moment I almost start to laugh because I see that the truth is that right now I´m just sitting on a chair, having lunch,  thinking, imagining, making up scene for a future that is not even here! And right now, in this moment, it´s all fine actually.

– Pew, what a relief! In this moment I can´t know or tell how it all is going to be. Nope. No way.

Alarm bell turned off.

– Aaahh.. sigh. Once again this storyteller – mind has created a fantasy. Pure imagination only. False alarm. And I did not believe in you!

I´ve learned that it is important to give my self credit when I´ve  achieved something, been good at something, and I´ve also heard that small actions count … so why not now?

- 1-0 to me. Yeay!

– mette-






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