UnknownImagine life as a forest. A really deep forest.

Imagine you’re in this forest and you’re getting lost. It’s a very huge forest. And you’re totally lost in the wilderness.  Absolutely and totally lost. You have no clue of the way out. All you see is trees, and more trees everywhere. There’s trees and rocks and windfalls, and lots of other hindrances to your sight.

So you climb the nearest top hoping the view will give you guidance. But all you see are hills upon hills with forest and trees. You continue to walk, up hill and down hill, following one creek, then another, hoping it will lead you somewhere. But it doesn’t, so you follow the small animal tracks instead, still hoping. More and more exhausted you stumble and fall over the roots and stones and step into bog holes getting soaked. And as you walk in this forest that before was so inviting to you, so alluring, so beautiful to your senses, you see none of this. All you see is that there are obstacles everywhere. You no longer see the trees for what they are, the sky above, or the small flowers on the shady forest ground. Your eyes are closed to the wonders. You no longer sense the underneath current of life, the source, the magnificence. All you see is your fear, your struggle, and your wanting to get free from all this. But you do not know how. So you continue to walk, and it feels like eons passing by, feeling you walk in circles, and there is no way out. So you start hoping for a miracle to happen. For someone to find you. For God to rescue you.

We walk in life like that, almost all our life. Lost in our minds, in our feelings, our old patterns and belief systems. Blind to the beauty of life. Hoping. Searching in the darkness and the wilderness of lust and longing. Lost in the dream, leaning onto the other to be rescued from our self, hoping for more happiness or easiness.  But we know somewhere deep down, that there is something else.  Something greater than this churning and striving, this running in the hamster wheel, this fear and this hopelessness and pain of being an individual, lost in the wilderness of thoughts and emotions.

But the forest is magical, and sadly we have forgotten about it.

As we stumble around we forget that all what is needed, is to relax, to come to our senses.  In order to see its innate beauty, the magnificence of life, the wonders of nature. To see the simplicity. If we could just for a moment be totally still, and sink into the ground in our selves, the trees of our minds, the darkness inside that scares us so. We would find that there is no forest outside your self, and there is no one walking in it.  And then, mysteriously, magically, as by a whisper you’ll find that you’ve been at home all the time, that there was actually no one leaving and no one to rescue.

You were only lost in a dream fed and maintained by your very own mind. 

And filled with awe you arise, and see as for the first time, that the beauty and wonders of life will never be lost, it cannot be. Simply because it’s inside of You as you are inside of That. 


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