Everything has it’s own time.
I mean;
first there was a holding on-to-, need to-, must have- situation inside.
For a long time it was.
This is bad dream- land.
It is fear -land.
It is the belief of unfullfilled needs- land.
It is the land of disrust and make-believe.
And nothing really happens. Except what I do not want or wish for, dream of.

 And then, as a miracle, the turning point.
images Just one word, one sentence. Given in the right moment, turnes it all.
From closeness to openness.
From neediness to serving.
From lack to plentyfull.
From distrust to trust.
From stiffness to softness and the flowing life.

I call it Grace.

I mean; here I am.
In this world. With my heart.
Please use me for the better good for all.

This is my prayer.
Thank you.
That’s all.

Artist unkown

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