For the Benefit of All.

Thanks, Eli Helland, for writing me those words the other day.

We had a small chat about income. Quite ordinary. We all need an income. And about earning money from what you love doing.

For the benefit of all.


The words have returned to my consciousness over and over again during the last days.

Honestly; my first reaction was Yeah, yeah…. I’ve heard this sooo many times before.  And forgotten about it, too, equally many times.

I do not know exactly why they left such a trace this time. But they did.

I pondered over ”what is ‘for the benefit of all’, actually?”  and  ”What highly appreciated and highly validated kind of work is it that has this mysteriously great impact on others?”

All I came up with as mirrors of this thought was the perfectly great masters of the spiritual world.

Dead End Track. I’m not them.

So, what then?

For the benefit of all.

We are all needed. There is no honest work that is better or worse, higher or lower than anything else.

It dawned to me, that it is just as much to the benefit of all whether you sweep the floors in the hospital, drive the bus for passengers to feel safe, raise your kids with love, if a teacher deeply listen to the pupils, if you sing your heart out and opens the soul and heart of others (as Eli does), if you help someone in need, or administrate a town or country or a spiritual community, or teaching kids to play football.  And more or less everything else.


It is not about what you do.

It is about the intention behind.

Do I do my work out of fear, out of lack of trust, or out of need for acceptance? Do I do this for my self, for my own safety? For my own joy & benefit only? Then I’m lost in the struggle. And the world will answer with more struggles. I just heard someone say: ”When you worry, you’re praying for worry”. That ’s what’s being heard, and that’s what you’ll get.

What I’m going to write now, I do not know how to put into words so that you get what I feel. Because it’s more a feeling than a knowing, actually.  I’ll give it a try. It comes as a question.

– Is it so that one cannot be able to recognize fully the content within the words “to the benefit of all” until one has come to a certain point of understanding, of development? – I’m hesitating to use those words, because it is easily seen as levels of spiritual mastery…. I’m not talking about validation, of higher or lower, and I’m certainly not trying to tell I’m above anyone else…

But, is it so that one has to have certain kinds of insights or openness or trust or what? FEELING into this now, this comes loud & clear:

No. The answer is no. And yes. Yes. It is both.

It is about maturity. To mature into.

Yep! That’s it. That’s what I was looking for.

To mature into the benefit of all.

Thank you.

It occurs to me that there has to be certain qualities at hand. Such as a certain serenity (did I write that?) , a surrender to life,  a certain love for humanity, not only for the one and only-kind of love, but a deeper almost unspeakable love. Unspeakable, because it is so difficult to explain in words. It’s more like a current flowing underneath it all.

I think one can  ”do” for the benefit of all by will. For a while. And hopefully one will mature into the realms of deeper knowing and surrender to the will of life, with time.

This is no place for lofty dreamers. This feels very very down to earth -real and solid. Oops! Better get my feet on the ground, then…!


The true benefit of all- energy is not arising from mind and will. It is a matter of the heart. It is a heart quality. When consciously giving your self and your gifts or your service to the world, it makes a hell of a lot of difference!

Have you seen the movie ” Peaceful Warrior”?  Would you like to know what affected me the most? That’s when Nic Nolte as Socrates (the gas station owner) says:

” This is not a gas station. It is a service station”.

And THAT’s what it’s ALL about:


From the heart. What ever you do.

For the benefit of all.

This also goes for what I do for me. As I am included in the totality of all. Thank you Eli, for pointing this out. What I do for my self, I do for you. And what I do for you, I do for my self. I so often forget my self in this way, There is The world, and Here am I. Familiar with that?

It’s about intention. It’s about quality. It’s about service.

May my days be for the benefit of all,


-Here’s a link to Eli Helland’s home page:


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