Feel Without A Story

Yesterday I read a blog by Arjuna Ardagh about masculine and feminine spiritual practice. I am happy to announce that I am the perfect woman by Arjunas classification since I have always been drawn to what he calls “Feel without a story”! ;)

Total intimacy with life flowing, being life flowing, wave after wave of raw aliveness, like the ocean, every wave unique and constantly changing. There will never ever be a wave exactly like another wave. Our tendency though is to create a whole lot of stories around the raw energy of life flowing. The top layers of drama are quite obvious and easy to detect but the story telling has subtler layers as well. What is a story then? I would say that it is any conceptualization above pure, raw aliveness. Any analyze, any cause, any blame, any labeling, any image is a form of story. Even the “me” that has a feeling is a story, very subtle, but yet, a concept that cannot be found.

Take away the stories and what is left is life it self, wave after wave.

Or a bit less poetic and wonderfully to the point by John Sherman:

“You’re here. You’re human. Get over it.”

We are what we are looking for if we dare to drop the stories. Then we are free to play any story for the fun of it. Because the stories will not disappear, what disappears are the investments and believes in them.

– Richard




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