catch 24

Usually we sit together and meditate about an hour in the morning. It´s a nice practice. Not always so that it is a wonderful experience, or that great insights pop up, and all that. It’s nice anyhow.

Today a funny experience was coming along.

I was having a conversation with the thoughts in my head. This mind of mine is very good at creating inner movies and dialogues. It goes about like this:

“Hey! We are your thoughts, and do you know what? We are damned good at fooling you into forgetfulness! “


“Yeah, right, we are creating the forgetting! The forgetting of who you really are, in essence, you know that one? Hah! This you never thought of, huh? “ –

Shit. I´m fooled by my own thoughts all day long. What to do?

Then the thoughts appeared like yarn, long, messy treads all pulled out of the ball, endless like.

-Oh my…  how to sort all this? I can´t. It’s a never-ending story! Hopeless.  I can´t even think of it.  So, what to do?  Option: I can chose between getting at war with them or befriend them.

“So this is your solution? Fooled you! You see, we are soaked in glue! Yes, right, glue. Sticky business, I tell you. Hah! Once you´ve touched us, you can´t get free! Hehe! We win. “

-Hey, I can turn my back on you!

“So, you think we´ll cease to exist just by you doing that? What´s this, but another thought?  See, we´re still here. “

Catch 24.

– Or, Hey! You are supposed to be invisible, untouchable, and thereby you are not real! You are creations of imaginations in the mind! Period.

Ahhh,… what a relief!

So, well…. what to do? Hmm.. As long as can’t find any mute button, or switch the thoughts entirely off, I will have to accept them being there, in a more or less neurotic way, depending on the situation. I will have to live with this rather schizophrenic scene.  But, as long as I remember that you are not for real, I will not have to put too much seriousness into what your telling me all the time.

May be I´ll find the pause button one sunny day?  Or a pair of scissors?

Who knows?

– mette-


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