I asked for challenges.
Someone answered my prayer.
Life got to be similar to a fierce tango.
May be the Goddess Kali entered my life in diguise.
I aked for something more like a slow fox ,
or may be a waltz, you know .
But no one listened.
So I danced …
And  while I danced, something changed.
Life is still a tango
Now dancing me,
while I learn to enjoy
even the challenging passages.
- mette -


What choice do we have other than to be with what is?

Sometimes we struggle against something or feel that life is a struggle we have to handle.

Is this really true?

What happens if we allow to our self to really see and feel what the struggle is about,
embracing and letting go of the feelings and believes running the show?

A yes to whatever life brings, is that possible?

We would definately say yes and yet we all have a tendency to put endless amount of energy into resisting or trying to change what is already a reality.

We don’t suggest people to be passive, we simply say there is a huge difference in a life lived from resistance and a life lived from acceptance of this moment as it is. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action, or that you should be nice and holy. On the contrary, it means we are finally allowing our self to be honest and expressing as we are in this moment and at the same time letting our self be danced in this dance of existence called life. Authentic living gives no fixed recipes how to live your life, what it suggests is a willingness to keep on asking: “How deep can I enjoy this?”

To finally see that the answer to my deepest longing is no one else than my self, that every tiny little cell in my body and your body is what you may call spirit, source, the divine or existence, that I am all there is. A recognition constantly bringing us back to life, a life in all of its glory and down to earth simplicity at the same time.


Mette & Richard